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TLN27: Hangover Soirée TLN27: Hangover Soirée

Saturday January 3, 2015

New Year's Hangover Soirée

Live at Din Din

Live Music • Interviews • Mischief

Food • Drink • Mellow Revelry

$5-25 cover

Recover from the holiday gauntlet with an easygoing,
anti-headache edition of The Late Now.
No flashing lights. No airhorns. All the hair of the dog you need.
Antacid on the house.


★  Jet Black Pearl  ★

Amsterdam's fabulous accordion diva

★  The Amazing Bubble Man  ★

Bubbles! Giant bubbles! Square bubbles! Flying saucer bubbles!

▶  Leo Daedalus Interviews the Audience  ◀

¿  Doomsday Machine  ?

Three For Silver
  • VENUE: Din Din Supper Club
    Franz Bakery District at 920 NE Glisan, PDX
  • 7:30 opening set by Three For Silver
  • 8:00 showtime
  • COVER: $525
    • $15–25 Table seating puts you at a dining table where you can order a full meal from Din Din's much-lauded French-leaning menu.
    • $10 General Admission is standing room with limited non-table seats available on a first-come basis, suitable for good drinking and noshing but not for a full meal.
    • $5 Starving Artist is like General, but cheap for our broke poets, artists & contemplators.
    • Advance tickets recommended.
    • Small venue! Arrive early to claim your place.


★  The Audience ★


Your host Leo D once saw Spalding Gray interview the audience. He was so impressed he decided to do it himself. Last year was a hit, and it's back in '15!

★  Jet Black Pearl  ★


Amsterdam's fabulously eccentric accordion diva Jet Black Pearl has charmed audiences on more than a thousand stages across Europe and the US while singing and rapping — in English, French and Dutch — and beatboxing about amorous slugs, criminal gurus, and hallucinating butterflies.

★  The Amazing Bubble Man  ★


Louis Pearl is The Amazing Bubble Man — the world’s leading bubbleologist, bubbling professionally since 1980. He makes square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, and perhaps even emcees inside bubbles.

★  Three For Silver  ★


Beloved TLN house band Three For Silver play it cool to soothe your throbbing head.

Deliciously live at Din Din


Delectable and unpretentious Din Din is Portland's own French-leaning bistro & supper club, notable for its conscientiously sourced, ultra-tasty fare.

The TLN Politburo

The Late Now host Leo Daedalus [photo: Kathryn Elsesser Photography]

Leo Daedalus is your easygoing, relaxed host. (He's still the guy to blame when the wheels come off the show.)

The Late Now cohost Alex Reagan [photo: Gene Newell]

Alex Reagan is America's favorite high-altitude, low-key cohost. (Blame him for everything else.)


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