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TLN25: The Dream Argument TLN25: The Dream Argument TLN25: The Dream Argument TLN25: The Dream Argument TLN25: The Dream Argument TLN25: The Dream Argument

Saturday November 8, 2014

TLN25: The Dream Argument

Confucius and you are both dreaming! And when I say you are dreaming, I am dreaming, too.

— Zhuang Zhou (369–286 BCE)

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Live at Vie de Bohème

★  Featuring  ★

Carla Rossi

the eminent drag trickster sings the end of the world

with piano gangster Maria Choban and company

Three For Silver

Jason Squamata

writer-performer deploys dangerous metadreams

James Yeary

experimental poet experiments with your head

★  Synchronize Your Archetypes  ★

Matt Kalinowski reads your Shadow Cards
based on Jungian archetypes

★  Get Your Dreams Analyzed  ★

by The Late Now Dream Squad

Karl 9000

Electrical Phrenology Dream Unit

The Confective Unconscious

variety legend Lisa Marsicek aka Miz Kitty

interprets your dreams through the medium of cookies

PITCH « Dora Gaskill

contemporary dance with Chelsea Petrakis and Celeste Weber

Danger Rorschach!!!

with extreme fingerpaintist Jenny Breed

Freestyle Rapper Thomas Dietzel

Keystar Anna Leander

rox your dreams with vox & keytar

Maciej Skrzynski

speed-sketches your psyche

★  The Man with a Backstory  ★

The Late Now radio play returns with special guest stars

★ Plato ★ Descartes and Taoist Master ★ Zhuang Zhou

★  Plus  ★

Alan Watts plays Stella Pentamenti playing Alan Watts

Tom Haythorn as René Descartes

Don Kern manipulates the butterfly

Lee Comet plays another man of the same name

★  Three For Silver  ★

(Made for TV Edition)


Beloved TLN house band Three For Silver (Made for TV Edition) massage your ears and brain.

The Late Now Bodhisattvas

And of course the amazing TLN bodhisattvas: Kris White (sound), Brian Jennings (lighting), Don Kern (Mr. Indispensable), Welkie Pritchett (production assistant), Danielle Elizabeth (box office), DangerSafety Officer Tom Haythorn, and innumerable others.


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