Portland's legendary whipsmart latenite show with your host Leo Daedalus.

Second Thursday New Year's Hangover Soirée Second Thursday New Year's Hangover Soirée: Interviewing the Audience Second Thursday New Year's Hangover Soirée with Three For Silver Second Thursday New Year's Hangover Soirée: Interviewing the Audience Second Thursday New Year's Hangover Soirée live at Din Din

SECOND Thursday, January 9, 2014

8:00 PM

New Year's Hangover Soirée

Think of it as

The Late Now Unplugged

An intimate, low-key, anti-headache evening
for post-holiday cheer recovery

Live at Din Din

Food & Drink

Live Music • Interviews

pay what you can

Recover from the holiday gauntlet with an easygoing, anti-headache edition of The Late Now. No flashing lights. No airhorns. All the hair of the dog you need. Antacid on the house.

★  Featuring  ★

Leo Daedalus Interviews the Audience

Great stories are everywhere for the ferreting.

Three For Silver

play it nice, easy & acoustic


DangerKitchen mellows out

  • VENUE: Din Din Supper Club
    Franz Bakery District at 920 NE Glisan, PDX
  • SHOWTIME: 8:00 PM
    Venue open and serving all day.
  • COVER: Pay What You Can at the door
    • Festival seating at any price.
    • Small venue: early arrival suggested.


★  The Audience ★


Your host Leo D once saw Spalding Gray interview the audience. He was so impressed he decided he'd do it himself someday. On January 9, see what surprises await in these open, unprepared conversations.

★  Three For Silver  ★


Beloved TLN house band Three For Silver play it cool to soothe your throbbing head. No mosh pit.

★  SafetyKitchen!  ★


Din Din danger-chefs Chris Bailey & Riley Henderson mellow out with another tasty culinary demonstration. Only this time, nobody gets hurt!

★  Dennis Nyback  ★


Legendary film archivist Dennis Nyback will talk to us about his new musical play, The Past Is Calling (featuring Leo Daedalus). Dennis and Three For Silver will preview a couple of jazz-age neoclassics by Buck Evans.

Deliciously live at Din Din


Delectable and unpretentious Din Din is Portland's own French-leaning bistro & supper club, notable for its conscientiously sourced, ultra-tasty fare. We're tickled tricolore to be here.

Can't afford tickets? We're artists; we get it. Come anyway:

• VOLUNTEER: We always need more hands (and brains). To repeat, we would love your help. Just get in touch.

• LIVE DANGEROUSLY: Come pay what you can 10 minutes before showtime. To even the odds, like our Facebook page and check it to see if we've sold out. (We'll try to keep that status accurate, but we can't possibly guarantee it.)


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