Portland's legendary whipsmart latenite show with your host Leo Daedalus.

First Thursday @ Din Din First Thursday @ Din Din First Thursday Spectacle: Bergerette First Thursday Spectacle: Three For Silver First Thursday Spectacle: Pepe Raphael

Thursday, October 3

8:30 PM (early arrival advised)

The First Thursday Spectacle

Live at Din Din

★  Featuring  ★

Pepe Raphael

of Pepe & The Bottle Blondes

with Mario Diaz


Viva Las VegasPat JanowskiStella Pentimenti

Three For Silver

Din Din

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Live Music • Interviews • Mischief

$5-20 cover

No minimum

When the galleries kick you out, hop over the river for drinks & snacks or dinner, and a whip-smart spectacle: live music, live TLN mischief, and live interviews with artists & performers who are happening that month.

Eat, Drink & Soyez Heureux

Delicious and unpretentious Din Din is Portland's own French-leaning bistro & supper club, notable for its synesthetic suppers and conscientiously sourced, ultra-tasty fare. We're tickled tricolore to be doing our First Thursday Spectacle series there.


★  Bergerette  ★

Viva Las VegasPat JanowskiStella Pentimenti


Our favorite 500-year-old French sex pop a cappella trio, Bergerette take the phrase “lovely and talented” to swoony new heights. We're cooking up an unpredictable TLN-style interview cum personality test with the charming Bergerettes, who will of course serenade us aptly en français amid the divine French gastronomy of Din Din.

★  Pepe Raphael  ★

of Pepe & The Bottle Blondes


The inimitable madrileño Pepe Raphael is beloved in Portland and beyond as the charismatic frontman of Pepe & The Bottle Blondes, an eclectic, "Copacabana style" ensemble whose sheer talent and visually arresting performances echo the indulgence of '50s nightclub chic. ¡Que estupendo!

★  Mario Diaz  ★


Pepe is joined by brilliant Spanish/classical guitarist and vocalist Mario Diaz, a top prize-winning musician acclaimed throughout the US and Latin America who has worked with prominent guitarists such as Adam Holzman, Benjamin Verdery, Michael Partington and David Tannenbaum. He holds degrees from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as PSU, where he is currently on faculty.

★  Three For Silver  ★


We had such a blast with Three For Silver at our First Thursday début show that they're back for an encore performance!

Headed by the multitalented ★ Willo Sertain & ★ Lucas Warford, and featuring ★ Pace Rubadeau (trumpet) and ★ Charles Pike (drums), the group deliver richly woven rants, seductions and drunken ballads redolent of three-masted schooners shipwrecked on classic rock.

Last time we introduced the TLN audience to Lucas's custom bass banjo. With luck, we may meet his latest bass chimera-instrument this time around.

★  The Experimental Mystery Monologue  ★

Monsieur Mystery Guest

Real talk show hosts have writers to come up with all those words. That's not quite how we roll on The Late Now, but we're kicking off a new scheme: your intrepid host performs an opening monologue commissioned from a different experimental poet each time. Sight unseen.

Handed a sealed envelope, Leo Daedalus himself has no idea how he'll open the show. It's a need-to-know basis, kids.

And of course the amazing TLN bodhisattvas: Derek Ecklund (sound), Brian Jennings (lighting), Carla Grant (stage manager), Don Kern (Mr. Indispensable), Ryan Mooney (paparazzo) and Benjamin Glas-Hochstettler (intern).

Can't afford tickets? We're artists; we get it. Come anyway:

• VOLUNTEER: We always need more hands (and brains). To repeat, we would love your help. Just get in touch.

• LIVE DANGEROUSLY: Come pay what you can 15 minutes before showtime. To even the odds, like our Facebook page and check it to see if we've sold out. (We'll try to keep that status accurate, but we can't possibly guarantee it.)


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