Portland's legendary whipsmart latenite show with your host Leo Daedalus.

First Thursday @ Din Din: Holly Andres First Thursday @ Din Din First Thursday @ Din Din First Thursday @ Din Din: Three For Silver First Thursday @ Din Din: Three Trick Pony First Thursday @ Din Din: Caitlin Mathes in Rinaldo

Willamette Week Headout Pick!

Willamette Week Pick

Thursday, September 5

The Inaugural

First Thursday Spectacle

Live at Din Din

► Swoon to the post-show photos!

Din Din

Small Plates • Big Plates

Wine • Beer • Cocktails

Live Music • Interviews • Mischief

$5-15 sliding cover

No minimum

  • VENUE: Din Din Supper Club
    Franz Bakery District at 9th & Glisan, PDX
  • SHOWTIME: 8:30 PM
    Venue open and serving all day.
  • COVER: $5–$15 pay what you can
    Tix at door (come early!).

When the galleries kick you out, hop over the river for drinks & snacks or dinner, and a whip-smart spectacle: live music, live TLN mischief, and live interviews with artists & performers who are happening that month.

Eat, Drink & Soyez Heureux

The lovely and talented Din Din is Portland's own French-leaning bistro & supper club, notable for its synesthetic supper events (23 courses, anyone?) and conscientiously sourced, ever delicious, always unpretentious fare. We're tickled tricolore to be doing our First Thursday Spectacle there. During the show we'll talk with charming proprietress ★ Courtney Sproule about the evening's victuals.


★  Holly Andres  ★


Acclaimed Portland-based photographer Holly Andres has had solo exhibitions in New York, LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Istanbul, Turkey, and PDX. Her work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Time, Art in America, Artforum, Exit Magazine, Art News, Modern Painters, Oprah Magazine, Elle Magazine, The LA Times, Glamour, Blink and Art Ltd.

Besides giving us an interview, Holly will be our De Facto Guest Set Designer for this show, as she is creating an installation within Din Din, on display late August into September.

★  Caitlin Mathes  ★


The "charming" and "smashing" mezzo-soprano (per the critics and per us) Caitlin Mathes leaves PDX shortly for NYC and the world, after two years as the mezzo-soprano in Portland Opera's studio program. Her parting shot is Weill'd Wild West, an evening of Kurt Weill Sept. 15 at Vie de Bohème.

But first, she'll treat us to electrifying polyglot cabaret and assorted devilry not to be missed, right here on TLN.

★  Three For Silver  ★


Headed by the multitalented duo of ★ Willo Sertain and ★ Lucas Warford — who plays a mean bass banjo — Three For Silver deliver richly woven rants, seductions and drunken ballads redolent of three-masted schooners shipwrecked on classic rock.

They'll perform original songs and join forces with Caitlin Mathes for a few polyglot cabaret forays, per TLN tradition.

★  Three Trick Pony  ★

We'll interview the artists behind the performance piece Three Trick Pony premiering at PICA's TBA Festival September 15, 16 & 18. And we'll get them to show us a trick or two.


★ Linda Austin (performance) — As The New York Times put it, “Ms. Austin’s powers of invention never failed her.” Linda is the magnanimous maven of Portland's experimentalest dance-movement-performance world, founder of Performance Works NorthWest, and instigator of the much-loved, bygone Richard Foreman Mini-Festival.


★ David Eckard (sculpture) has made a set of objects that interact with Linda, props which in their form and materiality posit a "poetic gesture, expressive stance, or psychological nuance," alluding as they do to "tool, prop, prosthetic, weapon, set or sexual device." David asks his work to "investigate, critique, utilize, and exploit" "futility, authority, theatricality, absurdity and endurance."


★ Doug Theriault (music) is a master composer and performer of avant/experimental post-electroacoustic mad sonic brilliance. He is also a TLN regular, known to fans as the ever-aleatoric Kim Jong Chill. Hear samples of his work here.

History Being Made

Before a Live Studio Audience

It's the historic first "taping" of The Late Now! (Ah, we're so nostalgic for videotape…)

Motion Picture Producer/Director Cassie Cohn will be shooting the show in glorious three-camera style, making it the first episode to be shown (shortly after) on the TLN youtube channel. Sound sorcerer Derek Ecklund will make it sound terrific, the luciferous Brian Jennings will make it look brilliant, and TLN intern Benjamin Glas-Hochstettler will really be the one doing everything.

Can't afford tickets? We get it. (Hey, we're artists.) So why not come and help us out? We always need more hands (and brains). To repeat, we would love your help. Just get in touch.


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