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Friday, November 16, 2012

Beach Blanket Foreman Fest

A fundraising event for Performance Works NW


An Interview with Linda Austin

+ Lois Leveen & other Foreman veterans

+ music by Chuck Barnes

+ Beer, people. Beer.

  • Venue: Division Leap at 211 SW 9th Ave, PDX
  • 7:30 – 9:00 PM
  • Suggested donation: $5 –15. No one turned away. All proceeds go to Performance Works NorthWest.
Foreman Fest

Join us for an interview with the magnificent ★ Linda Austin, maven of Portland's experimentaliest dance-movement-performance world, founder of Performance Works NorthWest, and instigator of the Richard Foreman Mini-Festival, Portland's annual experimental performance art fest. We're going to get to the bottom of what makes Linda tick, and take it over the top. Plus we'll find out what really happens at those Boris & Natasha "rehearsals."

Foreman Fest

★ Lois Leveen is Portland's own award-winning author of The Secrets of Mary Bowser (available in Norwegian as Frihetens vinder). She's also a veteran of Foreman Fest, which the mainstream media just doesn't want you to know. Lois has been interviewed in print, radio and TV all over the country, but it's going to take The Late Now interview to blow the lid off the truth about her experimental proclivities.

Foreman Fest

★ Chuck Barnes is a TLN veteran who not only performed songs from James Joyce's Ulysses at TLN Bloomsday 2012, but he also shaved attendees' beards and heads at that event with a vintage razor. Also a Foreman Fest veteran, Chuck won't be packing a blade this time, but he will be bringing that Newfoundland Late Now house band charm you know and love (or don't know and are needlessly wary of).

BYO Beach Blanket

It wouldn't be a TLN interview if it weren't also a beach party, would it? (Never heard that? It's a new rule, and certain to be very short-lived.) So bring your beach blanket, your little pail, a cushion, and ideally a walrus.

But why? Buddah Pting!

The Late Now was conceived in the back seat of Foreman Fest.

Foreman Fest 2011 with Leo Daedalus & Alex Reagan. Photo by JC Schlechter.

For a decade Linda Austin has been putting on the Festival (FFEST), an annual weekend of experimental mayhem in honor of Richard Foreman, founder of the Ontological-Hysteric Theater. 2012 is the 10th and final season, and Linda is sending FFEST off with a 10-day extravaganza, one day for each year.

In 2011, Leo Daedalus emceed FFEST #9 (pix here) with experimental henchmen Alex Reagan and John Berendzen. That weekend, what would become The Late Now went from vague inclination turned to crazy scheme. And so, in honor of the FFEST phenomenon, The Late Now is avant-proud to host day 9 ("Buddah Pting" [sic]) of FFEST #10.

What else?

Expect other Foremanic freakiness, which we may not know about until we read about it in the next day's papers. Rumor has it that TLN's own Unspecified Correspondent Dora Gaskill will make a video appearance. Vaguer rumors even hint at a video appearance by legendary ex-Portland übermaniac Tony Christy.


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