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Episode 4: TLN storms Seattle

October 5, 2012

The Seattle Début!

The Late Now takes Seattle by storm and settles once and for all the burning question — Seattle or Portland: which has more attributes of a certain kind?

Your host ★ Leo Daedalus gets to the crux of the biscuit with artists, performers, luminaries, and lunatics from Seattle, Portland, and beyond, with America's favorite high-altitude lush, TLN cohost ★ Alex Reagan.

Plus The Late Now BandSeattle's very own ★ Rob Witmer (accordion), ★ Pete Remine (bass) and ★ Andy Etue (drums) bring you the patented TLN polyglot cabaret!


TLN Seattle debut

★ Doug Nufer (Seattle) is a poet, novelist and performer who favors "formal constraints," such as in his novel Never Again, in which no word appears more than once. He has been published in the Washington Free Press, Art Access, The Stranger, American Book Review, The Nation, and even Sports Illustrated.

TLN Seattle debut

★ Mimi Allin (Seattle) is a performance/multi-disciplinary artist interested in the potential of ritual, inquiry and quest to act as catalysts for personal growth. She was recently written up in The Stranger for her "performance-installation" called Surrogate.

TLN Seattle debut

★ INTERRUPTURE (Seattle) is a group of experimental poets that performs text compositions structured as a game. A word band. Each piece follows a set of rules that determines who, what, where, when, and how a poet will read their verse as the play of the game unfolds.

TLN Seattle debut

★ Dora Gaskill (Portland), a performance artist and London choreography MFA grad, is back in the NW from more grad studies at Bread Loaf School of English this summer. At TLN she will translate her site-specific piece Regarding My Own from Portland to Seattle.

Dr. Strangeverb

★ James Yeary (Portland) is a poet-performer-publisher, and the man behind the Calendar of Catabolic Guilt. A TLN regular, James brings you the experimental weather forecast video by Nico Vassilakis (Seattle).

★ Koen Dijkman (Tilburg) skypecasts live from the Netherlands (where it's early morning). He starts the day with a shot of jenever and talks with us about art and Dutch Exceptionalism.

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Spamovar [photo: JC Schlechter]

★ SPAMOVAR (Dot RU) — Vlad the Emailer & Dmitri the Phish are back from their recent deportation with more exciting and informative spam news and reviews.

★ Charles Buckingham (Portland), sound etcetera artist extraordinaire, disrupts the society of the spectacle with recursive sound biting and mordant loop middle management.


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