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Episode 2 — June 16, 2012

The First Annual TLN Bloomsday Garden Party

► Listen to Ulysses In An Hour in a binaural recording.

► Find out more about Episode 2 on the TLN blog.

2012 is the 90th anniversary of the first edition of Ulysses. Bloomsday was first celebrated in 1954, though the novel takes place in 1904.

Ninkasi Brewing
  • NE Portland
  • 3–7 PM come & go as you please
  • Beer provided by Ninkasi

3:00–4:30 ► Ulysses In An Hour: Wander among 35 readers to hear the fullness of Ulysses in an hour!

4:30–6:00 ► SPECIAL GUESTS: ★ Chris Hagen of Powell's Books discusses and shows off his Ulysses collection ★ Chuck Barnes does music from Ulysses on the banjo, philosophy graduate student ★ Blake Thompson does Phenomenalism in Five Minutes ★ James Yeary gives the experimental sportscast and the proverbial much more.

6:00–7:00 ► The first ever HugoBall Test Match: a brand new avant-garde sport in honor of Hugo Ball! Think Dada croquet. Sort of. You too can participate. No experience possible. Featuring incredible 3-D Hugo Ball costumes by ★ Zack Kosta and ★ Reese Kruse, plus Duchampian Fountain-goals provided by Zack Kosta.

Joyce Bloom HugoBall Test Match Ulysses In An Hour Chris Hagen Ulysses 1934 Chuck Barnes Hugo Ball TLN E02 Bloomsday

Special to thanks to our sponsor Ninkasi Brewing for providing the beer for this event!


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