Portland's legendary whipsmart latenite show with your host Leo Daedalus.

TLN Episode 1 — Leo Daedalus  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Tommy Church & Leo Daedalus (Spamovar)  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Leo Daedalus  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — James Yeary  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Craig Florence, Leo Daedalus  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1  [photo: JC Schlechter]

Début Show: Saturday April 21, 2012

One night only!

► GUEST INTERVIEWS with ★ Craig Florence of Mother Foucault's Bookshop ★ Ním Wunnan of Research Club and Dutch artist ★ Koen Dijkman ► GUEST PERFORMANCES by ★ Dora Gaskill and ★ Mark Owens   ► POLYGLOT CABARET by ★ The Late Now Band — and the unstoppable, bullet-proof TLN Collusionists, below.

Craig Florence Nim Wunnan50 Koen Dijkman Mark Owens

TLN Collusionists

  • John Berendzen (Everybody Loves Nietzsche) as Logical Roger
  • Camille Cettina (Fawlty Towels) as the Duchess of Spoone
  • Libby Cozza (30 Sock) as the Flying Zinnia
  • Tommy Church (Gilligan's Peninsula) as Brigadier Flavorpacket
  • Dora Gaskill (Malthus in the Middle) as Patagonia Jones
  • James Yeary (It's Always Sunny Instead) as Mexico City
  • featuring Alex Reagan in the Ed McMahon seat.

The Late Now Band

  • Seattle's Rob Witmer (Eight and a Half Men) as Doc Severinsen
  • Seattle's Pete Remine (Iron Notary) as Paul Shaffer
  • Seattle's Andy Etue (Father Knows Judo) as Max Weinberg
  • plus Doug Theriault (Green Ankles) as HAL 9000
  • with Robert Tomlinson (All in the Hominy) on action painting
  • and featuring David Abel (Library: CSI) on Pitch Drop Poetics

Ask the Dutch Guy

  • Special FBIAVENBKW** agent Koen Dijkman (Boer zoekt Wildebeest) skypecasts live from the Netherlands to answer all your questions.
  • **Federaal Bureau voor Interessante Amerikaanse Vragen die Enkel door Nederlanders Beantwoord Kunnen Worden (Federal Bureau for Interesting American Questions which can only be Answered by Dutchmen)

Special thanks

  • Meg McHutchison
  • Andrew Wade Smith
  • Jenny Ampersand
  • and a hearty thanks to Linda Austin


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