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TLN Episode 1  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — James Yeary  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Libby Cozza, Alex Reagan  [photo: Kerry Davis] TLN Episode 1 — Leo Daedalus  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Leo Daedalus  [photo: JC Schlechter] TLN Episode 1 — Leo Daedalus, Rob Witmer, Robert Tomlinson  [photo: Kerry Davis]

Début Show: Saturday April 21, 2012

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One night only!

► GUEST INTERVIEWS with ★ Craig Florence of Mother Foucault's Bookshop ★ Ním Wunnan of Research Club and Dutch artist ★ Koen Dijkman ► GUEST PERFORMANCES by ★ Dora Gaskill and ★ Mark Owens   ► POLYGLOT CABARET by ★ The Late Now Band — and the unstoppable, bullet-proof TLN Collusionists, below.

Craig Florence Nim Wunnan50 Koen Dijkman Mark Owens

TLN Collusionists

  • John Berendzen (Everybody Loves Nietzsche) as Logical Roger
  • Camille Cettina (Fawlty Towels) as the Duchess of Spoone
  • Libby Cozza (30 Sock) as the Flying Zinnia
  • Tommy Church (Gilligan's Peninsula) as Brigadier Flavorpacket
  • Dora Gaskill (Malthus in the Middle) as Patagonia Jones
  • James Yeary (It's Always Sunny Instead) as Mexico City
  • featuring Alex Reagan in the Ed McMahon seat.

The Late Now Band

  • Seattle's Rob Witmer (Eight and a Half Men) as Doc Severinsen
  • Seattle's Pete Remine (Iron Notary) as Paul Shaffer
  • Seattle's Andy Etue (Father Knows Judo) as Max Weinberg
  • plus Doug Theriault (Green Ankles) as HAL 9000
  • with Robert Tomlinson (All in the Hominy) on action painting
  • and featuring David Abel (Library: CSI) on Pitch Drop Poetics

Ask the Dutch Guy

  • Special FBIAVENBKW** agent Koen Dijkman (Boer zoekt Wildebeest) skypecasts live from the Netherlands to answer all your questions.
  • **Federaal Bureau voor Interessante Amerikaanse Vragen die Enkel door Nederlanders Beantwoord Kunnen Worden (Federal Bureau for Interesting American Questions which can only be Answered by Dutchmen)

Production team behind the scenes:

  • Anna Daedalus
  • Meg McHutchison
  • Andrew Wade Smith
  • Jenny Ampersand
  • and a hearty thanks to Linda Austin


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