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The Late Now returns in 3D!

Season 5 — begins Fall 2015

Now it's TLN summer vacation.

We're holed up in a secret tropical research facility, training for Season 5. We're not taking steroids or anything.

Stay tuned! See you in fall.

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Your Eccentrifugal

★  HOST  ★

The Late Now host Leo Daedalus [photo: Kathryn Elsesser Photography]

Leo Daedalus wears many hats and probably can't be stopped. This is the guy to blame when the wheels come off the show. (Which you can do via Facebook, Twitter, or carrier pigeon.)

America's Favorite High-altitude

★  COHOST  ★

The Late Now cohost Alex Reagan [photo: Gene Newell]

Alex Reagan is your drink-swizzling representative in the two-meter high club. Blame him for everything else.

The Greatest House Band in Latenite


Three For Silver

(Made for TV Edition)

Lucas Warford • Willo Sertain • Greg Allison • Charles Pike

Our duly elected


The Incontrovertible Meghan Sinnott

Meghan Sinnott makes the trains run on time. Credit her whenever anything goes right.

The Late Now Bodhisattvas

And of course the amazing TLN bodhisattvas: BRIAN JENNINGS (lighting) • KRIS WHITE (sound) • DON KERN (Mr. Indispensable) DangerSafety Officer TOM HAYTHORN • House Deity JEWELS BARRERAANNA LEANDERJENNY BREEDWELKIE PRITCHETTDANIELLE KLENAKJENNY BREEDLISA MARSICEK and innumerable others.


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