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TLN22: Mythcreants with Eurhapsodoi TLN22: Mythcreants with Alan Greenberg TLN22: Mythcreants with Paul Schlesinger

Friday May 2

The Late Now presents OMG: The Oregon Match Game

Leo Daedalus hosts classic '70s game show madness with PDX celebs Tres Shannon, Matt Zaffino, Pat Janowski, Béla Balogh, Darka "Nelson" Dusty and more — live at the Funhouse Lounge!

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★ ★ ★

Saturday, May 10:

TLN22: Mythcreants

Live at Vie de Bohème

Live Music • Interviews • Mischief

Food • Drink

$10-20 cover • no minimum

★  Featuring  ★


Homeric freestylers rap The Iliad in Ancient Greek

Alan Greenberg

acclaimed director of The Land of Look-Behind

Paul Schlesinger

comedian, chess-boxer, journeyman cartwright

Three For Silver

Three For Silver

our brilliant TLN house band

  • VENUE: Vie de Bohème
    1530 SE 7th Ave (7th & Clay), PDX
  • 7:30 opening set by Three For Silver
  • 8:00 showtime
  • COVER: $1020 sliding plus limited $30 Front Row
    • Shows sell out! Advance tickets recommended.
    • $10–20 tickets all standard table seating (sliding scale)
    • $30 tickets are limited front-row table seating


★  Eurhapsodoi  ★


Eurhapsodoi ("excellent rappers" in Greek) are Thomas Dietzel and Pete Schaller. These guys rap The Iliad in Ancient Greek with various aural/visual mayhem. If TLN didn't already have a house band, we'd hire these guys.

★  Alan Greenberg  ★


Acclaimed director Alan Greenberg was a friend of Bob Marley (who died on May 11, 1981) and of Werner Herzog, who said that Greenberg's film on Marley, Land of Look Behind, "has achieved things never seen before in cinema." We'll talk to him about his work, including the film in progress of his acclaimed screenplay Love in Vain about blues genius Robert Johnson.

★  Paul Schlesinger  ★


We don't know anything about comedian Paul Schlesinger except that, according to his Etsy profile, he finished secondary school Nº23 with a gold medal. And there's this video.

★  Three For Silver  ★


Beloved TLN house band Three For Silver (Made for TV Edition) massage your ears and brain. Willo Sertain (vox/accordion), Lucas Warford (bass banjo/vox), Greg Allison (violin, mandolin), Dave Hill (keys), Charles Pike (drums).

  The TLN Politburo  

The Late Now host Leo Daedalus

★ Leo Daedalus is your electrodynamic, off-center host. This is the guy to blame when the wheels come off the show.

The Late Now cohost Alex Reagan

★ Alex Reagan is America's favorite high-altitude cohost. Blame him for everything else.

TLN SuperStageManager Meghan Sinnott

★ Meghan Sinnott is our MeghaStageManager. Credit her whenever anything goes right.

The Late Now Bodhisattvas

And of course the amazing TLN bodhisattvas: Kris White (sound), Cassie Cohn (video), Don Kern (Mr. Indispensable), Welkie Pritchett (production assistant), Liz Romero (box office), Mike Losier (print design), Tom Haythorn (DangerSafety Officer).


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